"Isn't Time to Get Rid of Your FAT SUIT and Get a Lean, Attractive Body bursting with Energy?"

It's Time to Transform Your Body, Your Mind, & Your Life!

Mark Hill, Owner, Lifestyles Fitness Personal Training

An Important Message from the Owner:

Do you know the #1 Reason that most people fail at weight loss?

It's simply because they fail to develop the right habits necessary to reach their fitness goals and more importantly..... Sustain them.

What I'm about to say next is going to "tick off" some other trainers.... but I don't care. If you meet with any trainer that offers a "Magic Bullet", 90 Day Total Transformation, or puts you on 3 shakes a day for the rest of your life... RUN!

Here at Lifestyles Fitness Personal Training WE FOCUS on what REALLY WORKS:

Personal Training designed to your body and your goals, nutrition programs that are based on natural whole foods, and we hold you accountable while offering tons of support that is honest...

o HYPE or Glamorous Promises, just real straight forward advice based on science, not fads, gimmicks, or wacky diets.

Our system provides everything and more to ensure that you successfully reach your Goals! Plus, We are so confident We Guarantee it!

In fact, I’m so confident in what I do, I Double Dawg Dare YOU to come try us for FREE!

Hey, you wouldn’t test drive a car before you bought it, right? Of course not, neither would I!……. So, if you’re SERIOUS about committing to change, this is a Great Opportunity!

Fill out the Box below or call (480) 628 – 5868 and You will receive:

1 FREE Personal Training Session and a FREE Ultrasound Body Analysis ($79) for Trying us out!
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  • Details Your Complete Body Composition (Lean Body Weight vs. Fat Weight)
  • Discover what is a Healthy Range of Body Fat % for Your Age & Gender
  • No embarrassing pinching!
  • Convenient, Accurate, & Easy-to-Understand Results
  • Reports offer Recommended Calories, BMI, & Risk Levels for Diabetes, Stroke, & Heart Disease
  • This is Cutting Edge Technology that provides critical information that as important as knowing your cholesterol, blood pressure, and blood sugar numbers.

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  • This Report EXPOSES the 5 Biggest Weight Loss & Fitness Myths
  • Uncovers How You Can Successfully Lose Fat & Keep it Off!
  • Reveals the Personal Trainer Secrets to Achieving a Healthy, Firm, & Fit Body
  • How to STOP the Struggle of Yo-Yo Dieting and Learn What REALLY WORKS!
  • You will be SHOCKED by what YOU READ!

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New Orleans Saints Tracy Porter #22











Click here to Listen to how this 55 year old Reshaped her
Entire Body!




Mark Hill, Owner

Why should You Choose
Lifestyles Fitness Personal Training?



I don't believe in fads, crazy diets, supplements that promise the moon, and wacky gadgets. I have created a complete Fitness & Nutrition Easy-to-Follow System that rivals all others. We achieve results based on proven training techniques that are safe and highly effectively. And we provide the nutritional road map to get you Your Best Body Ever!





Fill out the Box below or call (480) 628 – 5868 and You will receive:

1 FREE Personal Training Session and a FREE Ultrasound Body Analysis ($79) for Trying us out!
(Total Value of this Incredible Offer $189!)

This Offer is only available to first 7 4 left People to sign up below

So Get Off Your Butt and Grab this chance to Change Your Body and Your Life Forever! Sign Up NOW!

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Lifestyles Fitness Personal Training is located inside of:

Ultimate Fitness
4685 South Ash Ste #H-1
Tempe, AZ 85282

( Cross Streets Baseline/Mill, just south of the 60 highway)

If you are serious about your weight loss and fitness goals you'd be crazy to consider hiring a personal trainer without first giving us a shot...

We know that you'll be blown away by our service and after just one session with us there's no way you'll choose anyone else :)

But don't take my word for it...

Check out these fitness and weight loss success stories from our clients:



Prefer a to Workout with a Buddy?

We offer Semi Private Training!


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We offer semi private personal training in our private fitness studio in Tempe with the top personal trainers in the area...


We also offer in-home personal fitness training in the following areas:  Scottsdale, Phoenix, Chandler, Mesa, Gilbert, and Ahwatukee, Arizona. (Call for Quote)


Don't Hire Any Personal Trainer Until
You Try Us First For FREE!

So check out our personal training program options and then sign up for a FREE trial session
Thanks again for dropping by and I look forward to helping you achieve your fitness goals!
Mark Hill, CFT

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Weight Management 101 - Part 2



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Success Stories

"I have lost 21 pounds of body fat, gained muscle, and my attitude towards health and nutrition has taken some huge steps in the right direction."

Mary Finch, Project Manager, Omea Legal Systems - Tempe, Arizona  

"Lifestyles Fitness has provided the right opportunity for me to slash 25 pounds of body fat and increase my energy levels while I maintain a very hectic schedule."

Mike Kulow, President, Hebberd - Kulow Enterprises. Inc. - Tempe, AZ


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