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The Holidays!


 First, there’s Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas,

& then New Years!


Will You Gain 5, 10, or more lbs this Holiday Season?  

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Then Get Started with Us NOW!


So that You can…

Get Leaner, Get Firmer,



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And Look AWESOME at your Holiday Parties!


Hello & thanks for visiting my website.  My name is Mark Hill and I like to be direct & upfront about who we are and what we can do for you.


Holidays are on their way…..And if you get into a program with us right now you will look amazing at all of the family gatherings, office parties, events, etc. So, if you’re working out with us, eating our REAL Food programs, and living a Healthy Lifestyle you will become happier, healthier, and look incredible during this time of year! Plus, you can still have some drinks, desserts, etc. if you have control of your life and make a decision to still enjoy the holidays! 

First off, we are not just your ordinary personal trainers that are going to “sell” you personal training sessions and then “rope” you into buying a bunch of supplements. Sure, we have personal training packages but before we present them to you, we are going to discuss YOUR fitness goals in detail and then complete a Head to Toe Comprehensive Fitness Assessment to determine which program best fits YOUR needs. And, We are going to do this Absolutely FREE.

Why? Because I would never buy a car without driving it first and checking out its features. I want you to experience first-hand that we are professional Fitness Trainers that genuinely care about getting to know what is best for my clients and then demonstrate my skills while providing an education to them.

Ok, Mark I really like your approach to personal training but What about Nutrition?

Listen I’m not against protein shakes and some common sense supplementation. But here’s what most Personal Trainers won’t tell you.

“You have to build a foundation to a house before you can put up walls and a roof. Without a foundation, it just won’t have the support and a breakdown or collapse is inevitable.”

By now, you know where I’m going with this…

# 1 Rule: We Teach Our Clients to Eat REAL Food First.

iStock_000014204091XSmallI don’t make a dime from telling my clients that but I have a responsibility to make sure that they are properly nourishing their body to Get the Best Results possible from their personal training program. And, that my friend… is the right thing to do.

So, if you’re ready to make a change and you’re not looking for a short cut solution (which by the way always ends in disappointment), then we are the right choice for you. We will create a personal training & nutrition program that will provide the following:

  1. Customized Personal Training that fits Your Body & Your Goals
  2. Easy-to-Follow Nutrition Meal Plans based on your Food Preferences
  3. Accountability as Your Coach and providing You all the support you need
  4. Education that gives You the Confidence to make good decisions on your own
  1. Simple 5 Minute meals that are Healthy & Convenient
  2. Workouts to do safely & effectively when you’re on your own
  3. Track & Measure Your Results so you can see your progress
  4. How to choose the Right Meals when eating out at your favorite restaurants
  5. Provide a Blueprint for a Lifestyle that allows you to achieve and sustain your results

If this the program you’ve been looking for and you’re ready for REAL change that lasts for a lifetime, then call/text me at (480) 628 – 5868 or just email @

Or Simply Just fill out the form below:



 Meet Our Trainers! You can read more about our trainers here.

I  can tell you all day long how over the past 15 years we have helped 100’s of people change their lives but check out our success stories on this website and click on the Yelp Logo at the top of this page and check out it for yourself what our clients have to say!

Our Clients know that our programs offer No HYPE or Glamorous Promises, just real straight forward advice based on science, no fads, no gimmicks,  no 3 protein shakes a day,  and no wacky diets.

Our system provides everything and more to ensure that you successfully reach your Goals! Plus, We are so confident We Guarantee it!

Just check out what one of  our Clients Barb Young had to say:

Barb 2014

I have been through my share of trainers but Mark and Drew are TOP notch.  They listen to your goals/dreams and make them happen.  They motivate and drive you to extreme fitness.  It is a one stop shop: nutrition experts, knowledgeable in sports, fitness,, injury and “special” conditions.  This is the first time I have seen extreme results.  I am so happy.  People really see the difference (muscle and abs)!!!!  Mark and Drew are so personal and helpful.  Even on my bad days, they motiviated me to drill on.  So don’t sell yourself short, anyone can do this.  You can reach your goals, no matter how big or small.   Challenge yourself.  The reward is priceless!!

Thank you Mark and Drew for believing in me!!!  Ya’ll are AWESOME!!!

You can watch more of our success story videos here

In fact, I’m so confident in what I do, I Double Dawg Dare YOU to come try us for FREE!

Hey, you wouldn’t test drive a car before you bought it, right? Of course not, neither would I!……. So, if you’re SERIOUS about committing to change, this is a Great Opportunity!

Fill out the Box below or call (480) 628 – 5868 and You will receive:

1. Goal Setting Consultation ($49 Value) – Let us review your health history, nutrition habits, and create your Target Goals!  

2. FREE Personal Training Session ($75 Value) – Let’s do a Full Body Fitness Assessment – Upper/Lower,  Core – 3 Levels, Cardio, Flexibility

3. FREE Ultrasound Body Analysis ($79) – Scans your body and provides an accurate Body Fat % + Shows how much Muscle you have

Total Value of this Incredible Offer Over $200 just for trying us out! 




Lifestyles Fitness Personal Training is located inside of:

Ultimate Fitness
4685 South Ash Ste #H-1
Tempe, AZ 85282

( Cross Streets Baseline/Mill, just south of the 60 highway)

If you are serious about your weight loss and fitness goals you’d be crazy to consider hiring a personal trainer without first giving us a shot…

We know that you’ll be blown away by our service and after just one session with us there’s no way you’ll choose anyone else :)

But don’t take my word for it…

Check out these fitness and weight loss success stories from our clients:

We offer semi private personal training in our private fitness studio in Tempe with the top personal trainers in the area…


We also offer in-home personal fitness training in the following areas:  Scottsdale, Phoenix, Chandler, Mesa, Gilbert, and Ahwatukee, Arizona. (Call for Quote)


Don’t Hire Any Personal Trainer Until
You Try Us First For FREE!

So check out our personal training program options and then sign up for a FREE trial session
Thanks again for dropping by and I look forward to helping you achieve your fitness goals!
Mark Hill, CFT

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