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March 14, 2019

Workout Variety!

Often times we find ourselves doing the same workout thing….over and over. Why? We get comfortable and, unfortunately so does our body. Our bodies are very adaptive machines and need to challenged to grow & change.

So, if you’ve been doing the same routine…It’s time to mix it up!

Love to Run? Time to Bike!


Love Free Weights? Try out some Kettlebells!

When the last time you went swimming?


Do you any Grip Strength exercises?

When is the last time you played Tennis, Volley Ball, etc?

Have you flipped a Tire lately?

Get out there, flip the switch, and Have some Fun!  And watch your body change and learn new moves.

March 7, 2019

Muscle Vs. Fat

Here at Lifestyles Fitness Personal Training in Tempe, AZ we offer Ultrasound Body Scan so that our clients know how much muscle and fat that they have. Both are equally important to track results as we do with our clients. I always tell people it’s not always what you weigh on the scale, it’s what you’re body is made of when it comes to muscle and fat.

So, oftentimes I have had clients lose only 1lb on the scale but when we measure them with our very accurate Ultrasound Scan it can show that they gained 4lbs of muscle and lost 5lbs of Fat which explains why the scale only moved 1lb because it registers weight + we also do tape measurements too! So, Scale Weight, Ultrasound Scan, + Tape Measurements tell us exactly how to follow our clients’ progress.

October 14, 2018

Sleep means Great Health!

Ever notice how some people don’t sleep well? They’re tired, easy bothered, and drink way too much coffee! Well, here’s the good news:

If you sleep well over time, you will be way more healthier than others! Now, we all know that good sleep is essential for your body to revive, repair, and get much needed rest! Those who miss out on sleep will definitely have to pay the piper sooner or later. The good news is that if you make sleep a priority, you can get caught up fast before the piper shows up! Here are the best advantages of good sleep:

1. Have a healthy weight – good sleep helps us not only feel better but allows our hormones to do their job correctly and keep us lean & healthier.

2. Be Smarter & Sharper! –  You can focus better, get more done, and very productive while picking up great ideas in your head.

3. Avoid Accidents – Being more aware and awake can us from making bad decisions or more ways to respond to bad situations.

4. Steer Clear from Depression – Yes, sleep helps us have clear thoughts and think with a better positivity and keep negative thoughts out of our head.

5. Better Sleep makes up Better Athletes! – Having slept well can give us the edge in sports, working out, etc. You’re more rested and ready!

6. Spur Creativity – Having a better mind to solve problems, see better solutions, and seize the day!

7. Decrease Inflammation in your body – Good sleep can curtail inflammation in your body which can lead to other diseases. Rest up!

8. Live Longer!  Excellent sleep has been shown to help people live longer. 

9. Improve the Quality of your Life! – Yes, better sleep can have a myriad of positive effects on your life in so many ways!

So, make a good plan that keeps you on track with getting good sleep regularly……Zzzzzz!

August 30, 2018

Hotness is the New Fitness Trend (Or is it?)

How many times have you seen a new fitness trend? They come, they go, & some even stay! Regardless of what it is, it’s definitely something you should check out for sure (or maybe not at all)….Huh?  Well, let’s face it….sometimes these things are not what you expect them to be. Remember, the first time you saw it, it looked cool….maybe?  So, what do you do? Check it out for sure. Let’s face it, there are a ton of reviews on most products and look for ones that definitely give you the resource to decide if its for you.  You can definitely check it out for sure while deciding if it’s something you should purchase or not let it go at all. Always, always remember its for you….no one else for sure!  So, check it out for sure and make sure you read those reviews and even find out if your friend has it for sure too!

July 21, 2018

Working Out & Recovery

Oftentimes, fitness enthusiasts are great at working out consistently but often neglect or forget about….recovery. Now, recovery can be many different things: Yoga, Epsom Salt Bath, Chiropractor, Massage, etc. 

It’s important to understand that recovery is a HUGE part of a fit, healthy, and balanced lifestyle. Working out is what I call positive damage to your body. You break down or micro tear muscle fibers that adapt and grow back stronger. Also, your lungs can increase their capacity when subjected to challenging cardio. All of this is good, and recovery can further facilitate healing, reduce muscle soreness, improve range of motion, and improves & compliments overall fitness well being.

Keep in mind, there are 2 types of recovery: Active & Passive.

1. Active – Yoga, Self Stretch, Rolling on a roller, low impact cardio at a slower pace

2. Passive – Massage, Chiropractor, Epsom Salt Bath, Acupuncture, Stretch Therapist

Both are good, however, I recommend a combination or combinations from both categories to receive optimal benefit. Mix, match, and Enjoy!

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