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May 29, 2019

Mindset & Fitness

When it comes to fitness you always hear about  Crazy Workouts, Beast Mode, Lifting Heavy, workout for 2 hours, workout 6 days a week, etc. etc.  Now, that’s all good if you are a Fitness Model, Competitor, and very young. For those of us that are in this for the long run of good health, strength, and not being sore all the time there is a meeting of the mind with being fit and healthy.  As I have evolved ( Haha…getting older) I start to realize that this have become more of an endurance run of being strong, flexible, and enjoying working out. I love lifting with my mind now rather than my ego. I feel more connected, in touch, and most importantly…listen to my body.  I guess a bit Zen-Like but rather than trying to break a new record I like the feeling of the weights, my muscles getting pumped, and knowing that I’m in control of my future health.

I like cardio but I usually strive for variety in the my personal studio. On the personal end, I like riding my bike in a very large area in Scottsdale/Tempe called the “Green Belt.” It just feels good. I miss the days of playing basketball and have trouble finding a tennis partner right now. I haven’t given up, it’s just putting in the effort to find new friends to play with. Why be in shape if you can’t play once in awhile?

So, as you look down the road…Start to think about how you want to feel when your 50, 60, or even 70. I’ll still be working out and hopefully playing but most importantly…I’ll feel good and confident that I’ve done the best for my health and live a live of confidence and independence.

May 12, 2019

Workout Themes? Which is the BEST?

People are usually confused about working out. Cross-fit, Weight lifting Free Weights, Machines, Body Part workouts vs. Total Body, Yoga, Pilates, Spinning, Spartan Races, Marathons, Tennis, Basketball, Golf, Volley Ball, etc., etc.

What the HECK do I do? Here’s the best way to figure out this jumble of mess but, yet, great choices!

1. Get a Fitness Assessment…First. Find out what your body is capable of…Cardio Test, Stretch – Range of Motion, Upper/Lower Body Strength, Core Levels, etc.

2. Then, most Importantly…Do what you LIKE! If you like biking…Great! Do stuff you like but don’t so just that. Pick several things….Spin, Lift Weights, and do Yoga.

3. Now, Keep it Balanced.  Lift Weights in your desire – Pilates, Free Weights, Cross-fit. Do at least 2 or more different  types cardios – Volley Ball and Spinning, and make sure you do recovery – Yoga, Chiro, Self-Stretch, Massage, etc.

4. Enjoy LIFE! Have energy, strength, health, vitality, prevent disease, and Have FUN!

April 27, 2019

Consistency is the “Absolute Key” to being Healthy

People often ask me…What gets and keeps people healthy? Well, oftentimes we have to workout, eat well, and most importantly develop healthy habits. How does all of this happen?  Consistency!!  If you do something over and over again with intended purpose…What Happens?  You get better at it and things begin to change for the best.

If you worked out once a week, ate healthy 50% of the time, and still drank too much or slept poorly…What would your results be like? Probably not so good. What if you worked out 4 – 5 times per week, ate 80% – 90% of the time very healthy, drank only 2x per month, and slept 90% of the time really well. How would those results be? GREAT! And why…Consistency!

You have to understand that Consistency has many benefits. It gets better results, get better at things, and most importantly….Creates Excellent Habits!!  Think about this…If you have bad habits, you get bad results, bad health, and create new problems for yourself. So, pick good habits and apply them CONSISTENTLY!!

March 14, 2019

Workout Variety!

Often times we find ourselves doing the same workout thing….over and over. Why? We get comfortable and, unfortunately so does our body. Our bodies are very adaptive machines and need to challenged to grow & change.

So, if you’ve been doing the same routine…It’s time to mix it up!

Love to Run? Time to Bike!


Love Free Weights? Try out some Kettlebells!

When the last time you went swimming?


Do you any Grip Strength exercises?

When is the last time you played Tennis, Volley Ball, etc?

Have you flipped a Tire lately?

Get out there, flip the switch, and Have some Fun!  And watch your body change and learn new moves.

March 7, 2019

Muscle Vs. Fat

Here at Lifestyles Fitness Personal Training in Tempe, AZ we offer Ultrasound Body Scan so that our clients know how much muscle and fat that they have. Both are equally important to track results as we do with our clients. I always tell people it’s not always what you weigh on the scale, it’s what you’re body is made of when it comes to muscle and fat.

So, oftentimes I have had clients lose only 1lb on the scale but when we measure them with our very accurate Ultrasound Scan it can show that they gained 4lbs of muscle and lost 5lbs of Fat which explains why the scale only moved 1lb because it registers weight + we also do tape measurements too! So, Scale Weight, Ultrasound Scan, + Tape Measurements tell us exactly how to follow our clients’ progress.

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