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September 7, 2019

Kettebells are the King of Fitness!

Many, many years ago few trainers knew about kettlebells. Now, most of them use them. We started using them about 15 years ago. Now, they are King of Fitness…for the right client. If a client has lower back issues, not very flexible, or just don’t like them…that’s okay. As a Professional Personal Trainer it’s your job to make sure you design the right fitness program for every client every time.

However, for clients that enjoy them and want to learn more it’s great to start with the basics: Kettlebell Swing, Kettlebell Clean, and Kettlebell Snatch which are the core exercises of kettlebells. All must be done correctly. Until the swing is perfected then it’s time to move on to the other exercises. Plus, there are excellent core exercises, squats, Turkish getups and some other cool moves.

And as mentioned above, make sure kettlebells also fit your clients’ goals. We have plenty of clients utilizing them and plenty of clients that don’t. This is, again, making sure your program design fits with your client goals and needs.


August 21, 2019

Should I lift Heavy Weights?

Yes and…No.  Here’s the deal. I know tons of “Beast Mode” People that are always lifting heavier deadlifts, squats, bench press, etc. And there’s nothing wrong with that if you’re young, eating well, and have some goals. However, as we age our body changes. Using myself as an example, I lifted heavy for 20 years. As I evolved, I started asking why am I still lifting really heavy? Our soft tissue such as tendons, ligaments, soft tissue do suffer from wear and tear. So, I started doing more yoga, more low impact cardio like spinning, and less weight with more reps. Plus, I still see a Flexibility coach to stay flexible and have good range of motion. I life somewhat heavy once in while but no longer strive to lift crazy heavy any more. And guess what? I feel better overall, more balanced in my workouts, and most importantly I look and feel good as I continue to evolve forward knowing I have a better healthier future in front of me.

August 15, 2019

Your Skin & Being Fit

As I always think about the 100’s (yes, 100’s) of ways working out makes you fit, strong, avoid disease, lower body fat, healthy cardiovascular, etc. Here’s one you never ever heard of:

Healthier, younger skin!

That’s right…working out keeps your skin healthier, vibrant, and keeps you looking younger  :  )

By increasing blood flow by exercising helps nourish cells and keep them vital. By providing oxygen, blood flow also helps carry away waste products, including free radicals, from working cells. This  increased blood flow by a bout of exercise also helps flush cellular debris out of the system.

Remember, skin is the biggest organ in your body. Why not take care of it? Working out will do just that to give you radiant, glowing, and younger skin.


August 6, 2019

Consistency is the Key with Workouts

If you want to learn, get better, practice or achieve any goal in life…Consistency is the absolute key. When it comes to working out, you must do it on a regular basis. People who workout only 1 or maybe twice week it’s not enough. Why? Simply because the more often you work out, the more often you see…Results. And results can be fat loss, better performance, lower blood pressure, strength gains, more muscle, less back pain, etc.

The recommended amount of physical activity is 150 min of cardio per week with 2 weight training sessions. Now, the physical activity can be tennis, heavy yard work, spinning,walking, etc. and if you get in both weight training sessions per week you’re doing great! And, of course, I’m a big fan of variety so mix it up! And if you remain consistent, you create excellent auto-habits. Things you do on a regular scheduled basis. That is called Consistency.

July 31, 2019

Spinning for Fitness!

About 7 years ago I decided to join a gym 5 minutes from my house. The real reason was because the membership included spinning classes. So, I checked it out and couldn’t believe it! Wow! What a workout! And the instructors were creative, had cool music, and made it fun but definitely challenging.

Many times I would tell my clients to lose body fat, increase their cardio, and get in great shape outside of our personal training to join a spin class. I based this on a study I read stating that spinning was a great way to get the aforementioned. Plus, spinning is tough but low impact. Then I decided to try it myself and I loved it!

In fact, I loved it so much that I actually purchased a spin bike for myself and our personal training studio. And I purchased 3 spinning DVD’s. Basically, I set up my own spinning studio in my living room. I can jump on anytime, put in a DVD, and go to work. Also, YouTube has tons of spin classes too! If you looking for convenience and great results: join a spin class, buy a spin bike with DVD’s & YouTube and get after it!