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Let’s face it….things happen. And it sucks when you get injured or have an accident. After seeing a doctor or medical professional like a physical therapist and perhaps some rest you may be able to do something based on your medical professionals recommendations.

That being said, you may be able to workout other body parts or do different things while avoiding causing any problems or interference with the injury’s ability to heal. For example, if you hurt your shoulder you may still be able to ride a bike, do some ab work, or even do weight training with your legs. Again, always consult with your medical professional first.

The reason for this blog post is sometimes when people are injured that do absolutely nothing. In some cases, it necessary dependent upon the injury, attending physician advice, etc. But more often that not you can move or use your other body parts without affecting the injured area.

This is actually positive in a variety of ways. Circulation promotes healing, exercise of any form is positive, plus this can help you avoid any possible weight gain. So, work with what you got available!

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When striving to have a healthy nutritional lifestyle one one of the recommendations is eat foods that are alkaline in nature and minimize foods/beverages that are acidic. Although your body is both alkaline & acidic, it is best to be more alkaline. There are some tests to find out where you’re at so that you can see where you land on the scale. Being too acidic can lead to being tired, digestive problems, and some research suggests that it creates an environment that when left unchecked can lead to disease and possibly cancer (this is debated).

However, its best to focus on consuming more alkaline based foods consistently to improve overall health. Here is a  list:

Himalayan Salt
Real Salt

Grasses (alfalfa, kamut, straw, shave, wheatgrass, etc.)
Sprouts (alfalfa, bean, pea, soy, etc.)

Cabbage Lettuce
Collard/Spring Greens
Green Beans
Mustard Greens
Red Cabbage
Red Onion


Make a conscious effort to add these into your current diet and your body will thank you for it!

Most people know their blood pressure, cholesterol, & blood sugar numbers. But do you know your Body Fat %?  If you don’t I suggest to get it tested and I recommend the most accurate methods:  

1. Dex Scan

2. Bod Pod

3. Hydostatic

4. Ultrasound Body Scan (What we use)

There are other methods but they are not as accurate or reliable. Regardless, it’s important to know your Body Fat Number.

Here are charts for both Men & Women:

So, utilizing one of the method listed above I suggest you get your Body FAT % and if its too high set a goal to lose body fat and then test/remeasure every month to track your progress.

There are 2 cliches in the fitness world that are quoted often…..

“Abs are made in the kitchen, not in the gym”

“Results are 80% nutrition/20% working out”

Although I agree in general with those statements I would argue that the percentages are debatable based on the individual. Quite frankly, some people can get away with eating no so well and still look great. Plus, some people work out 6 or more times per week. It really can vary.

However, I COMPLETELY agree that in order to maximize results both nutrition and exercise are “ab”solutely necessary. 

What to do? Both….Workout 4 – 5 times week with a variety of exercise. Example for a perfect week:

3 Days weight training M/W/Th, 1 day Yoga on Friday, 1 day of a 10 mile bike ride on Sat or Sun

Make sure you have a good mix of things, not over training  in any single area. Balance & Variety are key.

In our ever growing overwhelming information society it can difficult to know what is the best workout for your goals, your fitness level, and your body.  The best way to start is by having a Comprehensive Fitness Assessment completed that tests just about everything:

1. Upper Body

2. Lower Body

3. Core

4. Cardio

5. Flexibility

6. Imbalances or old injuries

Once the assessment is complete you’ll know where you’re starting and what you need to improve and focus on. Plus, you’ll want to incorporate your personal goals into the program in conjunction with a good nutrition plan (Not a temporary Diet).  Not every exercise is for Every”Body”….get it?  Make sure the program works for you and your body.  More specifically, maybe you need to do Circuit or Total Body training or perhaps you’re more advanced and can do Body Parts split up throughout the week. 

And there are other aspects of training that can include kettlebells, free weights, tire flipping, medicine balls, cardio intervals, machines, a variety of different core exercises, and plyometrics. The best way to determine this, as mentioned, is the Fitness Assessment + your goals.

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