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August 7, 2016

Working out & Recovery

Rule # 1 …..Your muscles are not growing or changing when you’re working out. It’s the next few days afterwards that they repair & grow. So, how you treat them is critical. Don’t work the same muscles again if they’re sore, stiff, and feel heavy. In fact, recovery methods will help them feel better, flush out waste material, and restore range of motion. Stretching, Chiropractic, Yoga, Epsom Salt Baths, Foam Rollers, & Massage are great ways to recover. You can use any combination of the aforementioned. Remember this simple formula:  Workout, Rest & Recovery, Repeat. Now, you can workout everyday if you work different body parts or do different activities. For example, if you workout your chest on Monday, then you can do legs Tuesday, Back Wednesday, Ride a bike Thursday, Do Yoga Friday, Box on Saturday, etc. YOU get the point. Now there are exceptions to the rule. Say you workout your legs with weights on Friday and Ride a bike on Saturday. That’s okay and although you’re using your legs 2 days in a row. They are different activities. In fact, they may compliment each other. If your legs are sore from the weights workout, the bike ride will create circulation and help flush out waste material from the weight workout. This is essentially is recovery but still is an activity.  Another example is if your upper body is sore from a chest or back workout, swimming is a great non-impact recovery activity.

Hope this helps shed light on the workout & recovery cycle and just mix it up, do different things, use different body parts in different ways. I guess you can say, “Variety is the Spice of Fitness!”

July 28, 2016

Stay Active EVERY DAY!

With all the Facebook posts of people doing incredible feats of fitness, some of us don’t measure up or think we have to do some facsimile of what they’re doing….WRONG! I’m impressed with some of the stuff I see and I admire it. However, I always keep the focus on me and my goals. I do some things that some people might be amazed by but its really about doing what is best for you and your body.

Also, with all the crazy workouts, crossfit, etc. we begin to think “I need to work out harder”  Although intensity is a factor, just movement of any kind is positive. So, don’t try to do something that’s not meant for you or begin to work towards it in small steps. And, remember, something as simple as taking a 30 min walk is positive. And, yeah, sure it’s cool to be able to sprint up a mountain….but its not for Every BODY (Get it?) 


July 24, 2016

Meditation & Your Fit Mind

There’s a lot talk about meditation and how beneficial it is to the mind, body, and soul. Also, it seems that some people make it more complicated than it needs to be. Recently, I saw a video from a Tibetan Monk that explained the simpler points of meditating. He stated that we all have chatter in our brains and that is constant and unending. Rather that trying to shut it off, just close your eyes and breath and focus on your breath. And, just let the thoughts flow and acknowledge them but continue to focus on your breathing – more specifically: inhaling & exhaling and the rest will take care of itself. Rather than straining to concentrate, just breath.

By the way, meditation is great for reducing stress, anxiety, and can lead you to a healthier & happier life. Plus, you can do it anywhere, anytime.

July 13, 2016

Understanding FAT & How to Know if You’re Getting Enough or Too Much

So much Confusion…..Eat Fat, don’t Eat Fat……Which kind is Good? Bad? Types?

There are basically 3 types of FAT: Saturated, Monounsaturated, & polyunsaturated. Now, this is VERY important. Your body needs all of these Fats for health, function, and balance. The Problem is that last part….Balance. Not enough of some and too much of the other. So, how do you know if you’re balanced or unbalanced? Below is the BEST Solution now available:

Science and the medical field have come a long way and now there are blood tests available to determine exactly what your FAT Intake is and how to improve or maintain it. More specifically, I had these tests completed and the report revealed that I’m good in the consumption of saturated fat (safe range) but LACKING in my consumption of the Fat found in Fish. It was spot on! I realized that I wasn’t consistently consuming enough fatty fish and/or supplementing with fish oil in my diet and immediately made changes. Now, of course, since I made these changes I need to do them for at least 4 – 6 months consistently and then simply have my blood work completed again to verify the changes. Test, Adjust, Re-Test. Yes, its now that simple.

Warning: Avoid Hydrogenated FATS! These are man made manipulated fats and have been found to be detrimental to your health. They are found in processed foods (which is an obvious clue they’re bad)

More Critical Info: Many oils on the market are cheaply made and processed although they fit the criteria at the beginning article. To keep things simple, I recommend quality organic first pressed olive oils,  organic extra virgin coconut oil, and a good avocado oil. There are many other oils on the market and some are good for only dipping or salad dressings and others for cooking. I will cover this in a separate article as there is plethora of information regarding this topic.

Best of Health, Success, & Happiness  Mark Hill, Owner, Lifestyles Fitness Personal Training Tempe, AZ

July 7, 2016

Chicken Sausage…YUM!

I grew up loving italian pork sausage. And I still love it! Hardly ever have it now but I discovered Chicken Sausage! And I gotta say….It’s delicious. Plus, you get lots of good protein, spices, herbs, etc. (depending on which flavor you choose)  and a lot less fat.  Be open to trying new foods because you’ll never know what you might be missing out on. Chicken sausage is just one example of what’s available to try. I also got hooked on Buffalo Burgers and they are higher in protein & lower in fat than beef. Plus, they taste great too!

My 4th of July meal was:  Chicken Caliente sausage w/bell peppers, onions, & real chopped garlic. And I had a side of pan fried zucchini in olive oil. I also had some jalepeno mustard for the sausage!  And washed it all down with ice cold unsweetened Tea.  Flavorful, healthy, and I enjoyed every bite of it.