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Listen to What NFL Player Tracy Porter Has to Say About Us…

Tracy Porter # 22, Mark Hill, & Jason Ferguson

“Training with Lifestyles Fitness really has changed my approach to the way I will train moving forward, especially with the Kettlebells because I was immediately challenged in a way I have never experienced. I put on some muscle in a short period of time, plus increased my speed & strength, and flexibility. Choosing Lifestyles Fitness in Tempe is definitely something anyone should seriously consider mainly because Lifestyles Fitness really “tailors” the program to the individual and doesn’t just line a bunch of people up and have them do the same thing.”

Tracy Porter # 22 New Orleans Saints

Rob Abramson - Before

Rob Abramson - After

“Rob completely Reshaped his Body by Losing 60lbs of Body Fat & Building 20lbs of Muscle in Only 9 months!” Listen to what Rob has to say about us…

“I was initially hesitant to commit to a personal training regimen, believing that self-motivation and a shiny gym membership card were all I needed to get in shape. I had also tried personal training before, which was included in my various gym memberships. These prior experiences were nowhere near as motivating and enjoyable as my experiences with Owner Mark Hill and Lead Trainer Lynn Carpenter at Lifestyles Fitness.

When I first met Mark, he sensed this hesitation and took the time to answer all of my questions in detail regarding finances, his overall approach to personal training, and fitness in general. Mark is personable, honest, direct and confident about the service he offers. His training style is upbeat and motivating. My own experience is that if you commit to his program he will offer the same commitment back to you… and then some. Mark truly cares about and invests in the success of his clients.

Committing to Lifestyles Fitness personal training is one of the best decisions of my life. The money I formally spent on junk food and stocking my fridge with the wrong things is now going towards health and fitness, which has brought about significant weight loss, increased muscle, and renewed energy and self-confidence. What a great deal for me! I couldn’t have done it without Mark Hill and Lifestyles Fitness. Thank you!”

Rob Abramson
Chandler, AZ

Listen to how this 55 year old Reshaped her Entire Body!

Robin lost 28lbs of body fat and lost 7 inches off her waist! Listen to what Robin has to say about her Awesome Results!

“I never thought I would allow anyone to post my “fat picture” on the internet, but here I am! I have done so only because I am thrilled with what Mark and the staff at Lifestyles Fitness have done for me, and to thank them I wanted to give something back.

Here’s my story:

I was lucky. For most of my life I have not had to worry about my weight. From college until my late forties, my weight stayed within a couple of pounds of 123. I worked out intermittently, but basically I didn’t have to put much effort into looking good in my clothes.

Then, in my late forties, seemingly almost over night, everything changed. I started putting on weight slowly but steadily until I didn’t recognize myself. Because I never had to worry about it, I really had no idea how to lose weight, get fit and maintain it all once I was successful. So I tried everything –diets, gyms, a treadmill and weights at home–but nothing worked. Even if I was successful in losing a few pounds, I couldn’t maintain it.

I did some research and learned that people who are successful at losing weight usually have failed many times until they find a solution that works for them. So I analyzed why I had failed so often and what it took for me to be successful. I quickly realized that I am someone who needs structure, who values the skills an expert can offer, and that I prefer to work one-one-one rather than in a group. Based on this, I realized that I would be most successful in a private gym where I could work out with a trainer surrounded by people like me (that is, not in terrific shape and looking to socialize more than work out).

I selected Lifestyles Fitness as a place to try out my new-found understanding, and I am so glad I did! In about five months, with relative ease, I have been able to get back into shape and feel comfortable in my clothes (and along the way I learned that I needed to let go of fixating on weighing 123 pounds again). I am stronger, leaner and healthier than I have been in a long time. Even though I now weigh more than I did when I met him 20 years ago, but husband says I have never looked better.

Mark and his staff are amazing. They are all experts on exercise and weight loss, and they create specialized programs based on an individual’s fitness and health concerns that are interesting, varied, and fun. On my own, I would never be creative enough to develop such diverse activities nor would ever in a million years pushed myself to do more, get strong and show up regularly. Honestly, there is no way I could have accomplished this without them.

In this New Year, I am planning to work with Mark, Lynn and Ron to lower my body fat percentage. In five months I’ve already decreased it by 20%. By goal is to decrease it by another 20% so that by my one year anniversary (next July), I can put on that swimsuit I swore would never see the light of day!

If this is the year, you are committing to getting healthy, losing weight and feeling good about yourself, I strongly recommend that you try out Mark and the staff at Lifestyles Fitness. I guarantee that you will be glad that you did.”

Jess K. Alberts, Ph.D.
President’s Professor
Herberger Professor
Hugh Downs School of Human Communication

Hi Mark,

I am sending you 2 new pics of me and 2 old pics and OMG… looking at the differences made me sick to my stomach!! Yuck!!!! Oh man… I am so freaking happy I found you guys, you absolutely ROCK!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! I seriously mean that… I know I whine and complain sometimes but you know I’m loving it just as much! I look forward to training with you all everyday… yes even the day’s I’m not there! WOW, that’s something I never thought I would look forward to LOL… but seriously you all make it so much fun and you keep me motivated! Looking forward to our next work-out as usual, you better have something good prepared : )Sincerely,

Ashlee Lewis

“Ok, so if your reading this trying to decide if Lifestyles Fitness is right for you, I will tell that this will be an easy decision; it is the absolute BEST decision I made!!!! I understand apprehension about hiring a trainer, the commitment, and the “I wonder if I will be able to do it” feeling, that was me 6 months ago. Not anymore, I am healthier, stronger, and more confident today than probably any other time in my life. We all have the power to change our lives; you just have to believe in your ability to do so and be committed to doing it. I found my power and there is no turning back – EVER!!!! Mark’s knowledge and passion for what he does is inspiring, it is what made me sign up immediately; and my journey just kept getting better! I have had the privilege of working with the rest of the trainers and they are AWESOME!!! All of them really show they care about me and seeing me reach my goals. I look forward to working out! The workouts are always different and challenging, and it is always about positive motivation and encouragement. So it really just comes down to this, are you committed? If you are, then I say you have the winning combo because you just found the best trainers around!!!”

Jennifer Pilling
Mesa, AZ

My name is Dr. Steve Enriquez and everyone who knows me is aware that I am a huge fan of health & fitness. But honestly, I so wrapped up in my practice that I fell into that typical pattern of working out a little here and there and then started to eat the wrong foods. The result was I gained fat, started to look puffy and in my mind I felt “sloppy”.

Then I got to know Mark Hill of Lifestyles Fitness Personal Training. I‘ve always worked out but never hired a personal trainer until Mark convinced me to give it a go. After my very first workout, all I could say was, “Wow!”

As knowledgeable as I thought I was, Mark’s workout was incredible! It was creative, challenging and I knew I was experiencing a brand new level of fitness. Every week was different and I felt muscles that I hadn’t felt in a long time. Besides that, I was making impressive gains in Strength while losing Fat ! (The best of both worlds) In only 9 weeks I slashed my body fat by 6.25 % while trimming 16lbs of fat off my body. I could see more definition in my arms, chest, and abs than I have seen in 6 years!

Thanks to Lifestyles Fitness, their innovative fitness programs & straight forward nutrition plan allowed me to get back the body that I thought had become something of the past.

Steve Enriquez

Listen to Bridget’s story…

“It’s all about improvement and small changes”; that’s what my wife and I call my diet. A little over 2 years ago I decided to improve the quality of my life by trying to lose weight (at one time I tipped the scales at more than 400 pounds). I started by reducing the amount of food I ate and I also started substituting low calorie and low-fat foods wherever I could. I stopped eating red meat and I focused on eating fresh fruits, vegetables, chicken & fish.

After a few months, I realized that in order to be successful I also needed to exercise regularly. In the beginning, I could only exercise 5 minutes at a time on a stationary bike. After a few weeks I was able to exercise 24 minutes at a time. Since then I increase my intensity and time a little each month. I give myself one day off every week from my diet, but I have not missed a day of physical exercise in over 2 years. Currently, I exercise at least an hour every day either on a stationary bike or I ride my bicycle more than 21 miles (in addition to my fitness program at Lifestyles Fitness).

When I went to buy a new exercise bike a little over a year ago, the salesman recommended Mark Hill and Lifestyles Fitness to help me get in better shape. When I first met Mark Hill I told him that I didn’t think I was in good enough shape to go to a personal trainer. Mark told me that personal training is for everyone and that he would customize a fitness program just for me. My fitness program at Lifestyles Fitness has a good balance of high intensity cardio exercise and weight lifting. Every week we have a different theme where we work on strength, endurance and building muscle along with burning fat.

I now realize that my fitness program at Lifestyles Fitness was the best investment that I have ever made in myself! Even though I was having good results on my own, my fitness program at Lifestyles Fitness has taken me to a higher level than I was able to achieve on my own. I am proud of my accomplishment losing more than 210 pounds and thanks in large part to Lifestyles Fitness my self image is better than it has ever been. The hardest part of any fitness program is getting started. Anyone can get the same results I have had if they stay focused and work on small changes, but if you really want results I would recommend Lifestyles Fitness to help you get in shape today!”

Curt, AZ

“I walked into Lifestyles Fitness overweight, out of shape, and always tired. After only 3 months of training and following their nutrition plan (not a diet), I have lost 20 lbs, I am stronger and have tons of energy, and I lost 6 inches off my waist! And the other day I ran into a friend that I haven’t seen in a few years and he couldn’t believe it was me! He was blown away by the way I looked and it felt great to hear it!”

Chris Wright, MIC Sales Agent, Phoenix

“If you find yourself reading the reviews for Lifestyles Fitness, consider this your lucky day and call Mark right away – it was meant to be. For me, my lucky day was back in 2001 when I saw a small ad and decided to check it out. At that time, the gym was about a mile away from my house, so it was convenient. More importantly, once I met Mark and we sat down to discuss my goals and his philosophies on training, I knew it was a good match. I’ve been using personal trainers since the early 90’s – I simply do not push myself to get results unless I know there’s someone waiting for me ready to coach me through a session. But, Mark is much more than a coach. He truly cares about all of his clients and he has never been anything but inspirational. Consequently, if you’re motivated, you *will* get the results you’re after and actually have quite a bit of fun doing it. I’ve talked to other people who have tried personal trainers at the “big box” clubs and, for the most part, they’ve all had some flaky trainers who seem to be more interested in watching everything that’s going on except what their client is doing. Mark can be corny, but he’s never, ever flaky. The gym itself is bright and clean and you feel as if you’re part of a family when you’re there. That’s just the mood that is fostered there. It’s like being at Cheers, but healthier. Over the past 6 years, I’ve taken some long breaks away from training but have always been welcomed back with open arms. I now live much further away and looked for another trainer that was closer, but what I was looking for can only be found at one place. And that place is Lifestyles Fitness.”

Mary Steele

Phoenix , AZ

“When my 14 year old son Jon became a client of LifeStyles Fitness, I never imagined how much it would increase his performance as a hockey player. He has gained strength, balance, and it’s raised his level of confidence. Not to mention how proud it has made me when I hear other parents talk about Jon’s obvious improvements on the ice.”

James Bobb, Father of Jon Bobb
Chandler, AZ

“I knew I had to do something about my lower back pain and surgery wasn’t an option. Within 2 months, I have significantly less pain, better mobility, and more strength than I thought possible.”   

Bob Trick,
Owner- House of Tricks Restaurant, Tempe, AZ

“I can’t say enough good things about Mark Hill, his approach to personal training, and his facility. The gym itself, equipment (quality and quantity), and overall feeling are awesome. It was very important to me to find a gym where I was comfortable and didn’t feel like I was on display. The atmosphere is relaxed and non-intimidating. The trainers and clients are friendly and inviting. Mark himself is an amazing guy. He’s a virtual encyclopedia of fitness and nutritional information. His approach is about 100% honesty and realism and everything he told me was right on. I got some amazing results within one month of training with him because I did exactly what he told me. If you bring the desire, Mark and his trainers really do provide everything else. Wouldn’t train anywhere else.”

Michael Dvoren
Tempe, AZ

“Since I became a client, I realized that this is one of the best investments I have ever made towards living a healthier lifestyle, increasing my strength by 50%, and melting away over 80 pounds in 8 months. And in my line of work…everything counts.”

Curt Davis, C.P.A.
Chandler, AZ

“Menopause can be a really difficult time for any woman. I’m so glad that I began a fitness program that has increased my strength and energy levels while knowing that I can also help protect my bones.”

Barbara Mae Laker
Massage Therapist, Tempe, AZ

“Mark is a great trainer, and helped me get tone & add some good muscle after I lost 115 pounds through diet & exercise. I have been seeing him off & on since 2001, and I always come back to him when my schedule allows. I wouldn’t think of going anywhere else – and I live in North Scottsdale! But the drive is worth it. I had lost weight the old fashioned (hard) way through diet & exercise, going from from 230 to 115 pounds, but found that with most people who lose a massive amount of weight, “I was a “skinny fat” person who had some loose skin and no muscle tone. He set up an excellent training regime for me, and within a short 2 months I saw amazing results. The private facility is nice (with showers & changing room), all the trainers are super friendly, and the atmosphere is relaxed . I feel it is important to get a good vibe from your trainer and Mark makes everyone feel comfortable. The best thing is that it is VERY affordable compared to other trainers out there, and you get the attention that you deserve. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!”

Marilyn Caylor
Scottsdale, AZ

“Being a diabetic since I was 6 is just something I deal with everyday of my life, yet, Lifestyles Fitness has enabled me to get healthier, stronger, and pack on some muscle in the process.”

Patrick Wagner
Vice President, R.A.P.I., LTD. Tempe, AZ

“Great personal training! I have been training with Giselle for about 10 months now and everything has been wonderful. She has helped me to get rid of my back problems and add muscle. The gym is a great place, every type of weight or machine you would need, also a selection of cardio machines, two really nice private showers and bathrooms which is very important so that I can work out and go straight to work. The people that work out there are all really friendly and they’ll motivate you, but not yell at you (which I don’t want from a personal trainer). Everyone should work out there!”

Enter your text here...Melissa Budzak
Chandler, AZ

“Lifestyles Fitness has provided the right opportunity for me to slash 25 pounds of body fat and increase my energy levels while I maintain a very hectic schedule.” 

Mike Kulow, President, Hebberd – Kulow Enterprises. Inc. of Tempe, AZ

“Doesn’t have the stuffy feeling of a commercial gym, there’s no waiting for equipment, and its great knowing your workout has already been set for you when you walk in the door.”

Elaine Davis, Customer Service Rep and busy Mother of Three, Tempe, AZ

“Becoming a client of Lifestyles Fitness has taken me to a level I never thought possible.”

Nick Morris, Amateur Baseball Player

“Mark Hill and his trainers are the best in town. The gym itself is not intimidating and either are the trainers. Every trainer is friendly and professional. I have had great results from the training sessions and the trainers give you a knowledge about how to not only exercise more effectively but sound nutrition advice as well. I have walked away with a stronger more fit body and a stronger more fit sense of confidence. I have not had any other personal training sessions by anyone else because it would not be worth going to anyone else but Mark Hill and his trainers. They are affordable and will work with you. You’ll have the best experience in Personal Training at Lifestyles Fitness. Mark Hill Is The Best Trainer Around.”

“I use to train with Mark Hill and he is absolutely the best trainer ever. However, I am most grateful to Mark not for what he did for me, but for what he has accomplished for my father. My dad has been a client of Mark’s for a couple of years now and we have seen such an amazing transformation in him. My dad has horrible back problems that have held him back from his true passion of golfing. Mark has helped him strengthen his back muscles and now I am proud to report that he just spent 7 days in a row golfing in Canada. My family will always be truly grateful to Mark and everything he has done for our dad!!”

Lisa Freemole

“After being on my feet all day, I really look forward to my program because it re-energizes me and keeps me focused on my fat loss goals.”

Tawni Hensley, Owner
Alter Ego Salon of Tempe, AZ

“I spoke with a few local gyms and was feeling frustrated at the apathy in their responses. Mark called me back after leaving a message and immediately put me at ease. His attitude that he would be working for me to get MY results made me feel hopeful I was on the right track. I quickly made an appointment. Mark told me a little about the facility and his background and then he “listened” while I told him my thoughts. I signed up on the spot knowing I was soon to be on the right track. He started working right away to find a plan that would work. I had a big goal (5% body fat loss in 10 weeks or less). I was put in touch with Ron as a trainer. Ron is a professional no nonsense trainer. He is also very goal oriented and kept me motivated. The workouts are varied, challenging and fun. I exceeded my goal and released over 7% body fat. I had an ulterior motive that was to be comfortable in my own skin, I am proud of the changes Lifestyle fitness and my dedication have caused in my body and energy level. I am extremely happy with my results and I recommend Lifestyle Fitness to anyone serious about getting results in health and fitness.”

Charles Kimbrell

“I have been a client for a number of years now and wouldn’t go anywhere else!! I have had a few different trainers at Lifestyles Fitness and all of them have been awesome, Ron is my current trainer and is doing a great job guiding me into a firmer, tighter, and yes “healthier” new me! If you have been thinking about getting a personal trainer, look no further, just come see these guys! If my lazy self can do it so can you, ive lost 30 lbs. and 6 sizes & feel like a new person! Thanks and Kudos to the whole Lifestyles team….”

Billie Hensley
Tempe, AZ