2020 is Coming…Fitness & Health Resolutions!

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Every year like most people we all set resolutions. And 87% of people fail their fitness and health resolutions within 60 days! Why?

1. Too Many Resolutions

2. Not specific or measurable

3. Unsure how to do it

4. And the Biggest one of all…Accountability!

When someone goes to build a building they have a ton help to get it done. Architects, construction manager, bricklayers, electricians, carpenters, etc. and the list goes on. In order to get the job done, there is a team to complete the goal.

When you have a Fitness and Health Resolution, you need a team to complete the goal!

1. Gym

2. Personal Trainer

3. Nutritionist

4. Purchase and prep good foods for your body and goals

5. Meal Food service delivered to your house

6. Fitness Equipment, Fitness DVD’s

7. Scale, Body Fat Test, Inches

8. Check-ins to see your progress to adjust towards goals

When you have created your preferred list of that will give you the tools, knowledge, and accountability you have a plan with goals attached to it! That’s the way to make it happen!

And if you need any help with your 2020 Fitness & Health Resolutions, We would Love to help You!

Fill out the form on this website or just call/text 480 628 5868 or email: mark@getinshape2day.com