4th of July Fitness, Health, & Partying

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Well, it’s another holiday and for some folks that means lots of food and alcohol starting today and all the way until Sunday. Now listen, I’m not telling anyone not to skip everything but start thinking about the 4 day accumulation of those non-stop activities. People can gain 2 – 4lbs in overindulging in just 4 days. Those who don’t…are blessed!

The best way is to give yourself some fun, some lead way, but don’t bury yourself so bad that by Monday you’re feeling bloated, weighted, and can feel your body paying the price. Well then…What do I do?  EASY, give yourself 2 days to do what  you want and the other 2 days: Workout/Drink water/Eat Well and Don’t answer your phone/Text until later, and give yourself time to do some good for yourself. I mean…What the Heck? You have plenty of time to hang out/party and you have plenty of time to commit to workouts and better eating.

For example, what if you decided to party today, take a break tomorrow, party the next day, and then chill on Sunday. Sounds like a good mix…Either way, choose 2 days to relax and let go and then focus on your health the other 2 and trust me you’ll way better on Monday.