A New Year & A New You?

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Every year people create resolutions and survey says that 80% of people fail! Why? No plan, no help, no knowledge, etc.

The only way you make change is to change yourself and most importantly your mindset and habits.

For example, when I speak at Lunch & Learns at local Tempe or Phoenix Metro businesses I trick people into 2 things.

The first question I ask is how many of you shower every day? Inevitably it’s 100%.

The second question I ask is how many of you are watching Netflix? Cool…Right now I want each and every one of you to calculate how many hours you watch per week? After a few moments, the answer is always 15 – 30 hrs per week!  But yet, people say they have no time to work out?

That’s when I tell the audience when you can get in your mind that exercise is as important as a shower and you may have to give up some of your Netflix time to do it. As always, there is silence or a gasp or two.

It’s true…totally True! And if you need help, we can help you conquer your New Year’s Resolutions for good! So, if you’re ready to have a happy and healthy life fill out a form on this website for a Free Fitness Test Drive or just text/call my phone at 480 628 5868 and get it goin’!!