October 12, 2017

Alcohol & Fat Loss

I get asked this many times and I always tell the truth. Losing body and fat drinking alcohol are conflicting goals. I know first hand because although I’m a personal trainer I love beer, wine, and a good margarita. I don’t like junk food or fast food and sugar is not my thing (very rarely). However, we all have our vices and that’s usually where the battle must be won if you’re going to achieve a lean body.

Now, I confess that when I drink too much and too often my body fat goes up and I see and feel the difference. Ultimately, I have to give it up for a period of time to get back on track. Alcohol has empty calories that add up fast! Plus, it interferes with your body’s ability to lose fat and additionally has shown to lower testosterone levels.

So, what’s the solution? If you’re a 1 – 2 drink type of person twice a week you’ll be fine. However, if you find yourself having 5 or more 3 times a week it’s definitely going to cause what I call 3 steps forward and 3 1/2 back. I suggest to 2 things:

1. Do at least a 30 day discipline dry out. (Or longer)

2. Once you’ve gotten back on track, then I suggest you allow yourself 2 -3 times per month to imbibe. However, I would also suggest to track your body fat/results. If it starts to go back up again, you need to cut back to 1 – 2 times per month and consider another 30 day dry out.

It’s always a battle between our favorite vices…whether it’s sugar, starchy carbs like potato chips, or alcohol, etc. you’ve got to find what works for you while not depriving yourself. Many of these are meant to be enjoyed…just not too much and not too often.

Mark Hill

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