November 17, 2019

Being Thankful for Good Health & Fitness!

One of the many reasons I workout and eat well (most of the time!) is because I love being fit, healthy, and preventing any potential disease that comes with a bad lifestyle.

And I’m very thankful for it…There have been times in my life that I had a freak injury or couldn’t work out and it drove me crazy. Those moments made me realize that I am blessed to be able to workout.

Over a year ago, I had a stroke. That’s right…I had a stroke. It happened in Denver and people around couldn’t really tell because my symptoms were not normal. I really didn’t know what happened to me except maybe I was experiencing elevation sickness but had no clue what was going on with me. There’s lots to this but let me tell you what happened…

I couldn’t workout for a really long time especially since it was determined that I had a stroke while they tried to figure out what caused the stroke. The good news is that I had no blockage in my arteries. However, they discovered I had multiple holes in my atrium wall plus 2 septums. A congenital defect that showed up now.

During this process, when I was able to workout again…I lost about 60 -70% of my physical strength while also losing memory, learning skills, and problem solving, etc.

Now for the good news….For 14 months, I fought back hard…really hard until I am know at 85% of my strength and most of my memory, learning skills, and problem solving have returned.

So this Thanksgiving I am so blessed to have my healthy mind & body back! Where are you? Are you not working out? Are you eating poorly? Maybe it’s time to start taking better care of yourself. Trust me, I wasn’t perfect but once this happened to me it gave me an entire new perspective on life, health, and happiness. Don’t wait until something happens to you!  Do it now!  Your mind & body deserve it!

Mark Hill

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