Cardio City

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Always, always make time to exercise your heart. Although I believe lifting weight is more important (especially as we age) cardio is still very important for cardiovascular health. The heart is a muscle and needs to be exercised just like your legs or arms. There several different types of good ways to to do cardio: Slow & steady, Interval, and High Intensity. I’m a believer in mixing them up to get the best results.

Slow and steady is good for endurance. Interval is great for mixing slower with faster. And high intensity is great really challenging and growing by utilizing short bursts of hard cardio.

Examples of each: 

Slow & Steady – Walking or jogging for a prolonged period of time

Interval – Walking then running and repeating this pattern for a medium period of time

High Intensity – Sprinting for a very short period of time 

All are good and don’t forget to do some fun cardio – bike riding, tennis, basketball, badminton, golf, rollerblading, etc.

Keep moving and keep that heart healthy!