Consistency is the “Absolute Key” to being Healthy

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People often ask me…What gets and keeps people healthy? Well, oftentimes we have to workout, eat well, and most importantly develop healthy habits. How does all of this happen?  Consistency!!  If you do something over and over again with intended purpose…What Happens?  You get better at it and things begin to change for the best.

If you worked out once a week, ate healthy 50% of the time, and still drank too much or slept poorly…What would your results be like? Probably not so good. What if you worked out 4 – 5 times per week, ate 80% – 90% of the time very healthy, drank only 2x per month, and slept 90% of the time really well. How would those results be? GREAT! And why…Consistency!

You have to understand that Consistency has many benefits. It gets better results, get better at things, and most importantly….Creates Excellent Habits!!  Think about this…If you have bad habits, you get bad results, bad health, and create new problems for yourself. So, pick good habits and apply them CONSISTENTLY!!