Eat Immune Boosting Foods!

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So, eating a variety of good foods is always good for you! To ramp up your immune system, focus on these foods too!

1. Garlic – Quite an obvious one but eating some raw is excellent and add it to your cooking. I add it to my eggs!

2. Broccoli & and other veggies/greens – Not a surprise but eating more of this is good for your immune system and a whole lot more!

3. Ginger – This is one that is great to add to your nutrition. Look for foods that have it in like Ginger Bread & Sticks and look to add it to you cooking your own meals.

4. Spinach – Another great vegetable! Salads or cooked!

5. Citrus Fruits – Lemons, Oranges, Clementines, Grapefruit, Limes, & Tangerines.

6. Red Bell Peppers – Loaded with Vitamin C!

7. Yogurt – Look for “Live & Active Cultures” boost your immune system and add some almonds & fresh fruit. Yum!

8. Almonds – Loaded with Vitamin E another great boost to the immune system.

9. Papayas & Kiwi – Full of Vitamin C and really good for you and tasty!

10. Chicken Soup – Mom knew best so add this to your food list all year long.

11. Shellfish – Yes, they are full of zinc which is good for your immune system. Crabs, Clams, Mussels, & Lobster.

So, here is a good list to review of a good variety to add your nutritional lifestyle and keep your immune system high especially when combined with good sleep and…Yes…Exercise!