September 2, 2017

Eat Your Fruits, Don’t Drink them!

Ok, this may cause a bit of controversy but I’m basing this on facts. Juicing or buying juice can definitely be very tasty and simple to do.

However, juice spikes your insulin levels, the fiber is missing, other nutrients are depleted, and most store bought juice is highly processed. (Juicing at home is better but I still don’t recommend it)

5 Reasons that eating Whole Fruits is better than Juicing

1) Juicing removes the fiber you need for healthy digestion.
2) Juicing can also be problematic for blood sugar.
3) Removing the fiber, which helps you feel full, can lead to increased appetite (a poor diet choice).
4) Cheating your body of the chance to digest the whole fruit robs you of a calorie-burning opportunity.
5) Eating the fruit or vegetable whole gives you the advantage of higher nutrient density.
So, when you eat fruit you’re getting ……all of it! Plus, it is a whole food with everything intact the way nature intended it.


Exception to the rule:  I’m okay with blending also know as a smoothie.

Hot Tip: if you blend, add some flax seed and/or chia seed as this will add more fiber.


Mark Hill

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