Eating is the “Key” to Success

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You often hear……”It’s 80% Diet and 20% working out. Although I believe this percentage is debatable, I do agree that nutrition is more important because in the personal training world we often say, “You can’t out train a bad diet.”  And, me being me, says, “Trust me I’ve tried.”

So, how can we effectively solve this never ending dilemma?  Honestly, its relatively simple. Follow these simple Rules 80 – 90 % of the time:

1. Don’t eat Fast Food

2. Avoid all Processed & Diet Foods

3. Keep it simple: Good Protein, Good Carb, Good Fat  Examples:  Chicken Breast, green beans, grass fed butter on the beans.  Egg Whites with 2 yolks, salsa, serving of steel cut oats w/walnuts + handful of blueberries.  Grass Fed Beef Burger (no bun) /w cheese & mustard lettuce, tomato and avocado, small sweet potato w/olive oil & cinnamon.

4. Drink Lots & Lots of Water! Also, I recommend tea & coffee. (no sugar)

5. Avoid SUGAR at all costs!!

5. Reward Yourself!  If you worked out consistently all week and stuck to good eating all week then go ahead and have some wings & beer (one of my favs) or pizza or pasta with some wine, or mexican food & a margarita (or 2) And even go ahead have that apple ala mode with some expresso.  I recommend 2 rewards per week if the first 4 rules have been achieved. NEVER EVER call it a cheat meal…..It’s a Reward!!

Any & all questions and comments are welcome…..  Mark Hill, Owner, Lifestyles Fitness Personal Training Tempe, AZ