Enjoying the Holidays and NOT Gaining Weight!

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Well, here they come again….The Holidays!

Every year most people gain 5 – 10lbs between Halloween & New Years. There may be 4 holidays but it’s what happens in between. Office parties, friends & family parties, football Thursday, Saturday, Sunday & Monday, and food & alcohol is everywhere you look!

What to do? Well, it’s not as bad as you think. The problem is awareness. Should you enjoy the holidays? Yes, however, don’t miss your workouts and add in at lease 2 cardio sessions of 20 min per week.

Also, These events don’t happen every day so eat well in between and avoid all the food at the workplace or just have 1 cookie with your coffee.  Plan your events that you’re invited too and be aware how many. Marking them on calendar that you can see every day can keep you in know of how many events are coming.

When at events always snack from the veggie tray and use hummus, guacamole, or salsa. Watch your portions of food but enjoy what you like. Track your weight and/or body fat at least once a week. If you start to gain you must work out more or just simply cut back on your food and alcohol consumption. This creates awareness & accountability!

So have fun but don’t go crazy and lose complete track of what/when/how you’re doing. You’ll thank me when January comes and you weight the same… not 5 – 10lb heavier.