Fiber is essential to Good Health

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The state of the world in the U.S. is saturated with fast food and processed foods. Besides that, many other issues with this type of food, one of the biggest issues is that they lack…..Fiber. Fiber is absolutely needed for a healthy nutritional lifestyle. It contributes to a healthy digestive & elimination systems, can lower or manage cholesterol, helps you feel fuller so you eat less, helps stabilize blood sugar, and all of this contributes to achieving and maintaining a healthy weight. Also, keep in mind, there are 2 types of fiber: Soluble & Insoluble. Both are important and you should always read labels or google foods to find out their fiber content. Avoid any carbs that have little to no fiber. There should be at least a minimum of 3 grams of fiber per serving but make sure it’s a reasonable serving. Beans, raspberries, oats, almonds, broccoli are all fiber rich foods…just to name a few.

You can easily Google lists of high fiber foods and strive to consistently consume them in your diet. 

Mark Hill, Owner, Lifestyles Fitness Personal Training  Tempe, AZ