October 11, 2016

Fish is Key to Health

Fish is so good for you and your health. There are so many varieties to choose from and different types. However, there are also problems with the seafood industry. A significant portion of seafood is now farm raised; Shrimp, salmon, tilipia, catfish, etc. 

Some of these “farms” are sustainable or well-managed, however, I believe in the close the nature we are the better off we are. That being said, I only recommend wild caught fish from clean body of waters. Also, take note mercury content is higher in certain fish. So, again, variety is key and I recommend “googling” for best wild caught fish and do some research. When in doubt, just about any fish or seafood from Alaska is a safe bet.  The benefits from eating quality fish are: 

Good for your brain & Skin 

Fatty fish have good fats

Other fish are low in fat

Most fish is high in quality protein

High in Vitamin D

Good for your eye health

Helps build and/or keep muscle mass

So, for good health and adding variety to your meals, enjoy some fish!

Mark Hill

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