July 10, 2019

Fitness, Body Fat, & Genetics

Listen…We’re all built different. Some of us are larger, smaller, and most can be found in between. NOT all of us can have 6 packs. It’s physically (and Genetically) impossible. Now, that doesn’t mean you can be healthier, leaner, and a more fit person.  We all know that person that is “Super Lean” that can get away with eating and drinking whatever they want and still stay lean. We also know people that can gain FAT easily after a weekend of drinks, burgers, etc. That’s just the way it is (That’s me by the way…)

So, Focus your Goals on…YOU. Don’t get caught up and dragged down by those “Stupid” magazines you see in the Drug Store. Those people are air brushed, starve themselves, photo shopped, or very highly genetically gifted.

Writing down goals that make sense for you will keep you healthy, lean for your body, type, and keep you focused on being the best version of yourself. And most importantly….Be Happy for You!

Mark Hill

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