December 10, 2019

Getting Fit, Goals, and Measuring it all!

When clients join Lifestyles Fitness Personal Training in Tempe AZ we always have them fill out their goals.

And More importantly,  we help them to track & measure them.

If someone wants to lose body fat  in their waist we measure their waist with but then scan with Ultrasound Body Scan to see how much muscle and fat them have. The goal is to to lose fat but keep the muscle this system allows to do the same. Plus, the scan measures belly fat too!

If someone wants more pushups we test them periodically while using specific training techniques to increase them.

And if you looking to lower your blood pressure we track that too! If you want to improve your cholesterol and/or blood sugar we advise to get those results from your doctor and then retest in 6 months.

Goals are great when you set them, check them accordingly, adjust as needed, and then guess what? You will reach them with time, consistency,  action and Yes…Discipline!

Mark Hill

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