June 12, 2019

Fitness & Recovery

We see a lot of fitness professionals, athletes, etc. work out in “Beast Mode” and doing amazing things with their bodies, strength, etc. However, which is not as fun or thrilling is what you do to recover. To truly be in a holistic fitness arena, everyone must recover. Every BODY needs this! So, yeah it’s great to lift heavy weights, do acrobat moves, run, push, pull, flip tires, etc.

Sooner rather than later you must take care of you body and let it rest & recover. Now, there are many ways to achieve this in between your workouts:

1. Chiropractic

2. Massage

3. Stretch Therapist

4. Epsom Salt Bath

5. Yoga

6. Roller Work

7. Pressure Point Balls

8. Sleep

9. REST!

Now, my approach is use all of them based on what your body needs. So, I see a Stretch Therapist every week, do Epsom Salt Baths,  occasionally see a Chiropractor, and I do Yoga. Plus, sometimes when your body has been worked hard just rest and good sleep are the best. It’s great to be a “Beast” in the gym but if you’re in this for the long game…Recovery is the way to extend the game for many decades to come. By the way, if want to be challenged….Try Yoga! It will make a fit guy or girl realize that they haven’t really opened up the ability to challenge oneself!

Mark Hill

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