Free Weights vs. Machines

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This can be a HUGE argument within the Personal Trainer industry. Which is better?  Free Weights or Machines? Here’s the truth……The Winner is…..Free Weights!

Both are good and have a role in weight training. However, Free Weights are the BEST because they mimic real life. Pushing, pulling, picking up, etc. However, I having nothing against machines as many of them are designed well and offer plenty of benefits. Free weights are superlative for stabilization of a joint and provide strength and stability. Machines are great at targeting muscle groups and can really add to a good weight training program for variety. So, dependent on your client, its best to assess them first and then create a program that is the proper blend of both free weights and machines. Less experienced clients may feel more comfortable with machines and this can help build muscle and confidence. As time progresses, then you can introduce them to free weights or and initially focus on body weight too. So, always remember…

Free Weights Rule!  And machines in the right dose are cool too.