Kettlebells are AWESOME!

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By now, you’ve probably heard of….Kettlebells. They are great tool for burning fat, building muscle, increasing speed, and creating a Rock Solid Core.  The beginning move is the the Kettlebell Swing. Once you master this move you can graduate to snatches, cleans, and high pulls. Kettlebells are great for the legs:  Goblet Squats, Lunges with shoulder presses, and stiff legged deadlifts. For the core, there’s the Turkish Getup, Russian Twists, and Hot Potato just to name a few. If all of these names sound goofy to you, that’s ok. I suggest you do  Google or YouTube search to see these in action. But, be careful, make sure that the person demonstrating them is RKC Certified or has a solid background in the proper use of Kettlebells. I’ve seen plenty of videos of people demonstrating exercises…..the wrong way. 

Also, Kettlebells are NOT for everyone. Although I’m sure some exercises are ok, it doesn’t mean everyone should do kettlebells. Find an instructor, a good DVD, or a personal trainer that has skills rooted in the proper teaching of kettlebells and  can determine if kettlebells are right for you.