Lifting Weights are the BEST!

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I get asked all the time…..”What’s the best way to work out?”   And I tell people the same thing every time. Resistance training or “Lifting Weights” are # 1 for working out. Sooo…..then they say…Cardio is not that important. No, of course, it is!  Here’s what I always tell everyone…

Any type of exercise is good. However, here is in my opinion ranking of working out:

1. Lifting weights – Dumbbells, Body Weight, Barbells, Machines

2. Yoga or any good Stretch Routine for flexibility and range of motion

2. Participating in Sports – Volleyball, Basketball, Tennis, Badminton, Flag Football, etc.

3. Cardio – Sprinting, Jogging 5 miles or less, Hiking, Biking, Body Weight – Jumping, Jumping Jacks, Bear Crawls, etc.

Now, everything on the list isn’t for EVERY Body (double meaning).  But choose what’s right for you.

Remember, we have these wonderful bodies that can do amazing things…..Get out there and use it! Your body and health will love you for it.