May 29, 2019

Mindset & Fitness

When it comes to fitness you always hear about  Crazy Workouts, Beast Mode, Lifting Heavy, workout for 2 hours, workout 6 days a week, etc. etc.  Now, that’s all good if you are a Fitness Model, Competitor, and very young. For those of us that are in this for the long run of good health, strength, and not being sore all the time there is a meeting of the mind with being fit and healthy.  As I have evolved ( Haha…getting older) I start to realize that this have become more of an endurance run of being strong, flexible, and enjoying working out. I love lifting with my mind now rather than my ego. I feel more connected, in touch, and most importantly…listen to my body.  I guess a bit Zen-Like but rather than trying to break a new record I like the feeling of the weights, my muscles getting pumped, and knowing that I’m in control of my future health.

I like cardio but I usually strive for variety in the my personal studio. On the personal end, I like riding my bike in a very large area in Scottsdale/Tempe called the “Green Belt.” It just feels good. I miss the days of playing basketball and have trouble finding a tennis partner right now. I haven’t given up, it’s just putting in the effort to find new friends to play with. Why be in shape if you can’t play once in awhile?

So, as you look down the road…Start to think about how you want to feel when your 50, 60, or even 70. I’ll still be working out and hopefully playing but most importantly…I’ll feel good and confident that I’ve done the best for my health and live a live of confidence and independence.

Mark Hill

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