Nutrition…How Important is it?

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There are 2 cliches in the fitness world that are quoted often…..

“Abs are made in the kitchen, not in the gym”

“Results are 80% nutrition/20% working out”

Although I agree in general with those statements I would argue that the percentages are debatable based on the individual. Quite frankly, some people can get away with eating no so well and still look great. Plus, some people work out 6 or more times per week. It really can vary.

However, I COMPLETELY agree that in order to maximize results both nutrition and exercise are “ab”solutely necessary. 

What to do? Both….Workout 4 – 5 times week with a variety of exercise. Example for a perfect week:

3 Days weight training M/W/Th, 1 day Yoga on Friday, 1 day of a 10 mile bike ride on Sat or Sun

Make sure you have a good mix of things, not over training  in any single area. Balance & Variety are key.