September 23, 2016

Our bodies were meant to move

I’m pretty shocked when people say they don’t workout or do any type of activity. We have all these amazing moving parts and if you’ve ever watched the Olympics or been to Cirque De Soleil then you’ve seen humans doing what appears to be impossible. The point is any type of movement is beneficial to your body and health. Walking, biking, dancing, lifting, pulling, pushing, rowing, swimming, stretching etc. and list goes on and on. So, think about all the amazing things bodies can do and be glad that your body is very capable. In fact, we’ve all seen paralympic athletes¬† and other veterans with only 1 leg or 1 arm still doing incredible things despite missing limbs! So, ge t out there do something with your body and maybe try something new or get back to something you used to do!

Mark Hill

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