Our bodies were “Meant” to Move

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Our society has evolved into a cubicle based world. Once upon a time, I lived in this world and every time I sat for a few hours stressing out about something I was working on…..My back would hurt, really hurt. What was the problem? Well, 2 fold actually…..

One, I was compressing my spine by sitting so long with out any movement, stretching, and secondly and probably most important….

Circulation!!!  Our bodies are not meant to be stationary or stagnate for any extraordinary period of time. That’s why we have so many moving parts.  Obviously, I have long departed that life but I dole out advice to my clients all the time. # 1 is set a timer or watch to go off every 15 – 20 minutes and get up and move around for few minutes. Yeah, I know….Its not ALWAYS possible depending on your work situation. But if you do this consistently about 2/3 of the time you’ll be way better off. Remember….Circulation is an absolute for the human body.