Our Guarantee


100% Client Satisfaction Promise


Thank you for committing to our programs! We believe in delivering the absolute best in customized personal training programs designed for your fitness levels and goals. We also provide easy-to-follow nutrition tools.


Being that we will be working with you as a team, Our Promise to you is:


That we will be a Personal Trainer, Coach, Motivator, & Nutritional Guide always putting your best interest first.


Based on our Promise to you, We request the following from you:


1  Follow the program the best you can and ask for help when you need it.


 2. Please give us feedback regarding all facets of your program so that we can adjust it accordingly.


 3. Realize we don’t accept any “perfect clients” and we are here to support you even if you get off track.


 4. Commit to achieving 90% of your attendance for your sessions


 After you have completed your program, if you truly and honestly feel that you do not look and feel better than when you walked through the door, we will refund your entire investment.*


*If during or after the Lifestyles Fitness workout & nutrition program agreement, you find through your medical provider, any unforeseen existing genetic, metabolic, thyroid, hormonal, or physiological condition which would interfere with your ability to lose fat or achieve optimal fitness results, our 100% promise becomes void due to circumstances beyond client, trainer, and owner knowledge regarding the refund.