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Who Is “Lifestyles Fitness”?

We are dedicated to creating an atmosphere that encourages you to believe that you can make a difference in your life today and many years to come. Too often, we are bombarded by the “quick fix “ promises and fads that we see in magazines, TV, and other media.

Lifestyles Fitness provides the opportunity for clients to make gradual permanent changes that they can incorporate into their everyday lives. These changes can inevitably produce a marked improvement on an individual’s overall health and well-being. And, of course, not to mention it…….

You’ll feel better when you look into the mirror!!

We are a small group of qualified personal fitness trainers who provide motivation, inspiration, safety, and education to our clients in a private setting. Our mission is to facilitate a customized program by conducting comprehensive health & fitness assessments, providing progressive exercise regimens, adhering to exercise prescriptions from medical practitioners, recording client’s progress, and modifying exercise programs according to clients’ specific goals.

Our staff has over 20 years of combined experience in Personal Training, Fitness Therapy, and Neurological Rehabilitation. We offer strength training, cardiovascular training, and post – rehabilitation training from orthopedic injuries (following Dr. ‘s orders), post – cardiac rehab, sport specific training, precision programs for specialized clients, weight management, and nutrition.

Mark Hill
Certified Personal Trainer, and Owner of Lifestyles Fitness


” The day I met Bill Phillips and listened to him speak it just fueled my desire to improve the quality of people’s lives.”


Name: Drew Reichmann
Certification: American College of Sports Medicine
Experience: 1 Year Lifetime Fitness, 3 Years Mountainside Fitness, 5 Years with Lifestyles Fitness Personal Training
Hobbies include: BikeJoring with Siberian Huskies, Hiking, variety of sports, reading, learning, and applying.
I thoroughly enjoy encouraging a holistically healthy lifestyle with all clientele.  Blueprinting and implementing plans for individual success is rewarding for both the client, as well as myself.  With no shortness in positivity, I’m determined I have the knowledge, personal experience, and skill set to overcome any obstacle, delivering sustainable results to all our clients.
Why did You choose Personal Training?
My journey to practicing and preaching a health way of life started with a rather serious Jeep rollover ejection.  Once escaping with only 5 broken vertebrae L1-L5… I started on a mission that I’ve come to find is never ending, and that mission is to simply… Feel Better.  
After the first major injury followed the phenomena known as the domino effect. One by one, injuries came to fuel the fire inside me to simply… Feel Better.  
From blown out ankles, to the development of turf toe in both feet, concussions, surgery enabling arthritis to settle in my left knee, and all the aches/pains/strains to go along with it, I learned valuable lessons from each injury.  
Acquiring knowledge and implementing change holistically to my personal health regimen along the way, I feel confident that through my individual experience and efforts, I can provide myself as a valuable resource to those seeking injury prevention, rehabilitation, or a health conscious lifestyle.  Through personal trial and error, a strong will has grown inside myself to help others avoid the health trends, poor supplementation, diet fads, and improper methods to lead a truly healthy lifestyle.  Movement is life… and the best time for it is today.

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