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Personal Fitness Training Programs To Fit You, Your Life, And Your Goals

“Our Programs are designed to Motivate and Educate!”

These are our 2 Most Popular & Wildly
Successful Fitness Training Programs:

Back To Fitness & Health – An introductory program that focuses on general fitness & health, muscle strength, increased energy, balance, & flexibility. An excellent program for beginners or those who have not participated in an exercise program recently

Blubber Burn – Guaranteed to melt away that stubborn body fat and stimulate your metabolism! A creative combination of cardiovascular intervals and weight training designed to burn lots of calories & tone your physique!

Find the RIGHT Package that Fits YOUR Time, Fitness Goals, & Budget! 
(Remember: An Investment in YOUR Health Pays many Dividends & The Bigger the package the Better the Savings, Results, and Commitment!).

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Semi-Private Personal Training Packages:

Personal Training Customization and Attention offered at budget friendly rates that are more cost effective than One on One Personal Training.

You can choose from 30, 45, or 60 min sessions depending on your fitness level, time management schedule, and your budget. Programs start at Only $240 per month and up. *

Our most Popular Program is:

6 Months/30 min sessions/3 times per week which is Only $396 per month (Only $33 per session!)

You will receive a personalized schedule that fits your lifestyle, We DO NOT have classes or set schedules. We are NOT a Boot Camp or a Big Group Fitness business.

Each program begins with a Professional Consultation that reviews Your fitness goals, health history, and an Ultrasound Body Composition Analysis which determines your Muscle/Fat Ratios, Body Fat% for Your Age/Gender, and risk assessment for Diabetes, Heart Disease, and Stroke.

Then we conduct an In-depth Fitness Assessment that tests and measures the following:

  • Upper Body Strength
  • Lower Body Strength
  • Cardio Test with Heart Rate Monitor
  • Core (3 Levels)
  • Flexibility

Once we complete the Fitness Assessment we have established your baseline Fitness/Strength Levels and then we construct your specific program in conjunction with your goals.

So, if you are looking for a program that fits your schedule, NOT a boot camp, is custom designed, delivers personal attention, and is more economical than One on One training…..You are in the RIGHT PLACE!

Plus, We offer Buddy Discounts, Paid in Full Discounts, and Long Term programs that offer the best rates available for your specific goals and fitness level. 

* Monthly Installment Plans Available on All Packages

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express and Debit Cards

In-Home Training available at $80/hour + travel fee based on time/location ($5 – $40).  Call for details & Quote. All in-home training packages include: Complete Lifestyle Evaluation, Personalized Fitness Assessment, Body Fat measurements, and a Customized simple to follow Nutrition Plan + ongoing email support during your training package.

If you’re tired of struggling to achieve your weight loss and fitness goals, then you
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Precision Programs for Specialized Clients

Sport Specific For Athletes of All Levels – Baseball, Football, Basketball, Golf, Hockey, Soccer, or even a Weekend Warrior….You name it and we build it! Fully customized and integrated program designed for you based on your chosen Sport, Position, & Goals! Increase your Power, Agility, & Speed! Bust through Plateaus! Be more Competitive!

Lower Back Fitness Therapy – This program successfully targets all muscles surrounding the spine from the inside out including the abdominal muscles (Core Training). It strengthens all muscles that support the spinal column alleviating pressure on the vertebrae & supporting the spine, which has resulted in eliminating or decreasing lower back pain. Additionally, stretching is also incorporated to increase mobility & flexibility.

Post–Cardiac Rehabilitation – Training regimen that focuses on maintaining a Positive Fitness Lifestyle for the heart muscle by increasing muscle tone, reducing body fat, and incorporating moderate cardiovascular exercise (Exercise prescription from attending Cardiologist/Physician(s) is required).

Pregnancy Fitness– Prenatal/Trimesters/Postpartum – Program centers on developing a fit body & heart before/during/after that contributes to improved muscular strength and endurance (this definitely comes in handy during labor and delivery!), reducing stress & anxiety, faster postpartum recoveries, more restful sleep and fewer aches and pains, increases the likelihood of a healthier baby, and helps with managing unnecessary weight gains. (Full examinations prior to starting any fitness program and exercise prescriptions listing any & all limitations must be obtained from attending Physician/Pediatrician)

Here’s more of what our clients have to say:

“You know when people say they can’t afford personal training, I realized that I can’t afford not to. It allows me to stick to a program and get consistent results. And besides that… Being healthy is priceless.”

John Karpowich, Pilot, Southwest Awatukee

“When I really looked at all the frivolous things I spent my money on, I realized that within the big picture ……personal training is money well spent.”

Michelle Albillar, Financial Aid Officer Awatukee