Rest is when the Muscles Grow!

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For a lot of people, there is a common misconception that when you’re lifting weights is when your muscles are getting bigger and stronger. The fact is the changes take place over the next several days when you are not using those muscles again in the same manner and allowing them to recover while feeding them with good foods and plenty of water. This is when the growth & change occurs. So, it’s important NOT to rework those muscles again until they are fully recovered. There are exceptions. If you did a weight workout with your legs one day, its okay to ride a bike the next day just not to intensely.  The key is variety and common sense if it’s sore don’t work it again unless the activity helps it recover. Yoga, for instance, is great for relieving sore muscles & maintaining range of motion. Also, treat yourself to massage at least  once or twice a month as this is another great way to help sore muscles recover and feels really good too! Plus, it’s a good part of a well designed balance fitness program.