Should I lift Heavy Weights?

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Yes and…No.  Here’s the deal. I know tons of “Beast Mode” People that are always lifting heavier deadlifts, squats, bench press, etc. And there’s nothing wrong with that if you’re young, eating well, and have some goals. However, as we age our body changes. Using myself as an example, I lifted heavy for 20 years. As I evolved, I started asking why am I still lifting really heavy? Our soft tissue such as tendons, ligaments, soft tissue do suffer from wear and tear. So, I started doing more yoga, more low impact cardio like spinning, and less weight with more reps. Plus, I still see a Flexibility coach to stay flexible and have good range of motion. I life somewhat heavy once in while but no longer strive to lift crazy heavy any more. And guess what? I feel better overall, more balanced in my workouts, and most importantly I look and feel good as I continue to evolve forward knowing I have a better healthier future in front of me.