July 28, 2016

Stay Active EVERY DAY!

With all the Facebook posts of people doing incredible feats of fitness, some of us don’t measure up or think we have to do some facsimile of what they’re doing….WRONG! I’m impressed with some of the stuff I see and I admire it. However, I always keep the focus on me and my goals. I do some things that some people might be amazed by but its really about doing what is best for you and your body.

Also, with all the crazy workouts, crossfit, etc. we begin to think “I need to work out harder”  Although intensity is a factor, just movement of any kind is positive. So, don’t try to do something that’s not meant for you or begin to work towards it in small steps. And, remember, something as simple as taking a 30 min walk is positive. And, yeah, sure it’s cool to be able to sprint up a mountain….but its not for Every BODY (Get it?) 


Mark Hill

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