November 2, 2017

The Quality of Your Food

In today’s food industry there are many, many choices. It’s overwhelming and to make it even more confusing there are so many different versions of the same item. For instance, take beef. There is commercial beef, organic beef, and grass fed beef. Which is best? Well, cows are supposed to eat grass so the obvious choice is grass fed beef where hopefully they graze in open fields. When choosing foods my 5 rules of thumb are:

1. Minimal (or none) processing

2. The less ingredients the better

3. Make sure you can pronounce and know what each ingredient is

4. Keep it Real – however the food is produced it should be closest to its absolute natural state the way Mother Earth intended it.

5. Find & support companies that only produce/grow organic, grass fed, humanely raised, etc.

Also, farmer’s markets are great places to great lots of great food!  Always pursue the highest quality of food! 

Mark Hill

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