July 18, 2019

What is Fitness Recovery?

Many times after a workout….You are sore…sometimes REALLY Sore!  There are multiple ways to recover. From simple to more elaborate. Here is a great list to take advantage of:

1. Roller – Self-massage that can be done while watching TV. Get a book, learn from a qualified instructor, or YouTube video to learn how to use all it’s capabilities

2. Schedule a Massage – I recommend 90 minutes to get everything. Now, there different types. Make sure you pick one you need or like

3. Chiropractor – I always feel better after an adjustment and/or after Tens Unit is applied to more sore areas.

4. Yoga – Although this work, if you pick the right type of yoga…It feels Great!

5. Cryotherapy – This is gaining popularity and many people believe it has great value. It takes your body down to extreme temperatures to decrease inflammation and muscle soreness.

6. Self Stretching Band – You can assist yourself with a stretching band in different positions. Again, get book, qualified instructor, or instructional videos.

7. Self Massage/Pressure point balls – An effective and sometimes intense way to release pressure or soreness in your body. Again, get book, qualified instructor, or instructional videos.

8. Epsom Salt Bath – One of my favorites! Easy to do, feels great, and I usually mediate….2 for 1!

Exercise is great and remember recovery is just as important as it is an integral part of fitness. So, utilize all the above as needed and try different combinations.

Mark Hill

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