March 27, 2017

What’s the “Right” Workout?

In our ever growing overwhelming information society it can difficult to know what is the best workout for your goals, your fitness level, and your body.  The best way to start is by having a Comprehensive Fitness Assessment completed that tests just about everything:

1. Upper Body

2. Lower Body

3. Core

4. Cardio

5. Flexibility

6. Imbalances or old injuries

Once the assessment is complete you’ll know where you’re starting and what you need to improve and focus on. Plus, you’ll want to incorporate your personal goals into the program in conjunction with a good nutrition plan (Not a temporary Diet).  Not every exercise is for Every”Body”….get it?  Make sure the program works for you and your body.  More specifically, maybe you need to do Circuit or Total Body training or perhaps you’re more advanced and can do Body Parts split up throughout the week. 

And there are other aspects of training that can include kettlebells, free weights, tire flipping, medicine balls, cardio intervals, machines, a variety of different core exercises, and plyometrics. The best way to determine this, as mentioned, is the Fitness Assessment + your goals.

Mark Hill

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