Working Out & Recovery

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Oftentimes, fitness enthusiasts are great at working out consistently but often neglect or forget about….recovery. Now, recovery can be many different things: Yoga, Epsom Salt Bath, Chiropractor, Massage, etc. 

It’s important to understand that recovery is a HUGE part of a fit, healthy, and balanced lifestyle. Working out is what I call positive damage to your body. You break down or micro tear muscle fibers that adapt and grow back stronger. Also, your lungs can increase their capacity when subjected to challenging cardio. All of this is good, and recovery can further facilitate healing, reduce muscle soreness, improve range of motion, and improves & compliments overall fitness well being.

Keep in mind, there are 2 types of recovery: Active & Passive.

1. Active – Yoga, Self Stretch, Rolling on a roller, low impact cardio at a slower pace

2. Passive – Massage, Chiropractor, Epsom Salt Bath, Acupuncture, Stretch Therapist

Both are good, however, I recommend a combination or combinations from both categories to receive optimal benefit. Mix, match, and Enjoy!