May 12, 2019

Workout Themes? Which is the BEST?

People are usually confused about working out. Cross-fit, Weight lifting Free Weights, Machines, Body Part workouts vs. Total Body, Yoga, Pilates, Spinning, Spartan Races, Marathons, Tennis, Basketball, Golf, Volley Ball, etc., etc.

What the HECK do I do? Here’s the best way to figure out this jumble of mess but, yet, great choices!

1. Get a Fitness Assessment…First. Find out what your body is capable of…Cardio Test, Stretch – Range of Motion, Upper/Lower Body Strength, Core Levels, etc.

2. Then, most Importantly…Do what you LIKE! If you like biking…Great! Do stuff you like but don’t so just that. Pick several things….Spin, Lift Weights, and do Yoga.

3. Now, Keep it Balanced.  Lift Weights in your desire РPilates, Free Weights, Cross-fit. Do at least 2 or more different  types cardios РVolley Ball and Spinning, and make sure you do recovery РYoga, Chiro, Self-Stretch, Massage, etc.

4. Enjoy LIFE! Have energy, strength, health, vitality, prevent disease, and Have FUN!

Mark Hill

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